Thanks to our experience we have the logistic and financial capacity for the coordination and the execution of the works in the field of specialized entrepreneurship. At present, modern building and installation methods are based on more complex and well-coordinated technologies to achieve high-quality work. The company has the necessary expertise to provide turnkey integrated systems, according to the contractual terms of execution under professional requirements.


The HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) system is based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer and is particularly important in designing medium and large office and industrial buildings. In these spaces, safe and healthy working conditions are established by controlling the temperature, humidity, and “clean air” brought from the outside.

HVAC INSTALLATIONS: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

We specialize in providing high quality and performance design services for HVAC systems and we can efficiently manage projects with complex requirements.

We will advise you on the best and most cost effective way to heat, cool and ventilate your space, whether it is a house, office, hotel, industrial or commercial space. You will benefit from our years of experience throughout all stages – from system selection to installation.

Creating the desired comfort in our projects is based on the optimal sizing and high performance of the HVAC system by applying new technologies and using recognized quality materials in the field of installations.

Our services include:

  • Thermal necessity calculation (cooling and heating)
  • Determination of thermal and hydraulic requirements
  • HVAC Design & Configuration Setup with CAD Software
  • Determining the lengths and sizes of piping and connections needed to determine the configuration taking into account building restrictions
  • Design and configuration of accessories
  • Layout of piping system taking into account any obstacles
  • Piping / pipe sizing and configuration
  • Calculation of required water flows, sizing of pipes, positioning of accessories
  • Specification of piping materials and sizing criteria
  • Configuration of pipe / pipe system
  • Selection of HVAC equipment and its configuration


These include a wide range of solutions that we can achieve:

  • Small or large power boilers fired with various fuels;
  • Heat pump installations;
  • distribution of thermal agent by metal pipes, PPR, polyethylene, etc.
  • underfloor heating installations;
  • Terminal equipment: Radiator heaters, fan coil units, convectors and forced convention air heaters;

Air conditioning

For air conditioning, we offer installations and equipment for various buildings and applications:

  • Cooling with water
    The cooled water is produced by an aggregate called chiller and is distributed to the terminal units where the energy transfer takes place to the air-conditioning (fan coils, air-handling units, radiant panels, shifters, etc.);
  • Cooling in direct expansion circuit
    These systems only use the ecological freon to achieve air conditioning. This category includes: Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV), split and multisplit inverter technology, etc .;
  • Special cooling applicationsAplicatii speciale de racire
    Room and data center climate controllers, laboratories, with Close Control units that perform strict control of temperature and humidity;
    Cooling technology installations, dedicated to industrial process applications;

Ventilation installations

We carry out ventilation systems based on the technical requirements of each project, as follows:

  • ventilation with CTA, indoor or outdoor installation, with or without energy recovery, in standard construction or for special applications (clean rooms);
  • Compact roof ventilation systems;
  • industrial ventilators, professional and residential kitchens;