Thanks to our experience we have the logistic and financial capacity for the coordination and the execution of the works in the field of specialized entrepreneurship. At present, modern building and installation methods are based on more complex and well-coordinated technologies to achieve high-quality work. The company has the necessary expertise to provide turnkey integrated systems, according to the contractual terms of execution under professional requirements.


Thanks to our experience and our partners, we can offer you complete solutions for compressed air and vacuum applications, starting from understanding your requirements, implementing the project and executing it to high safety and high standards.

We assure the design and execution of technological installations as well as the installation of industrial equipment, all of them following a good understanding of the technology used by the beneficiary and offering a technical, functional and economical solution as optimal as possible.

Compressed air installations

Based on our experience and leading suppliers of equipment in the field, we will provide advanced technical solutions for compressed air production and distribution facilities at a right quality / price ratio. Both the offered equipment and the recommended materials are the latest generation, providing optional energy recovery..

Technological vacuum equipment

The production and distribution of vacuum is required in some technological processes. Our company performs vacuum installations. Vacuum pumps are connected to sealed duct networks, providing multiple automation options with multiple adjustments.

Technological cooling plants

In many industrial applications, water cooled to certain temperature values ​​is used in the process. This water is generally used to cool the equipment or raw materials used in the process (examples: cooling injection machines, wine production and storage, sensor production, etc.).The production of water used in the cooling process is achieved by means of specially designed units for operation throughout the year (free-chiller, water cooling tower, etc.).